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June 3, 4 - Citizens of Earth

Back for a second iteration, Citizens of Earth returns with a two-day event on Governor's Island, in the historical Colonel's Row. Operating hours 11am-4pm


June 3, 4, 5 - NYC Dept of Nature

The weekend of June 3rd, Kozak will be debuting NYC Department of Nature at Figment on Governor's Island.

For more information on the event, visit Figment NYC.

April 21 - Taken for Grant-ed - Manhattan Hunter Science HS

On Thursday afternoon, Kozak and his Art History Squad will be hosting a video festival revolving around our 18th President, US Grant.


April 15 - Steinhardt NYU, 34 Stuyvesant St

On Friday evening, Kozak will join other NYU Alumni for a talk about Art + Education.

March 29 - No Longer Empty Benefit, Sugar Hill

On Tuesday evning, Kozak will be presenting this year's honorees at No Longer Empty's 2016 Benefit, The Journey Continues. Plan your visit now to support an amazing organization that is creating the most relevant exhibitions in NYC and tremendous strides for social jusitce.

January 25 - Art-Theater Workshop at City College of New York

On Monday evening, we'll be workshopping how the Arts can make a lasting impact on Teens and Adults, and the barriers and hurdles that hold us back! Click here to learn more about the Art Education department at City College.


June 21- Summit on Pedagogy at Pioneer Works, Redhook, Brookyln

On Sunday afternoon, we'll be hosting a workshop that examines how we communicate and miscommunicate across age, race, and class. We will move through a series of collaborative situations designed and led by teens, Nick Kozak, and Hallie Scott. These participatory activities serve to empower, create social agency, and overcome cross-generational misunderstandings. Hope to see you at Pioneer Works!

June 6- Figment NYC

On Saturday from 10am-6pm, CITIZENS OF EARTH will debut at Figment, on Governor's Island. Come see this interactive project on immigration and the stuggle for universal documentation for all of Earth's residents. For more information on the event, visit Figment NYC.

March 31 - No Longer Empty 5-Year Benefit

Nick Kozak will be honored alongside Mel Chin and José Pariá at the benefit for No Longer Empty, one of the most relevant art organizations in New York City. For tickets and more information visit: No Longer Empty

February 21- Creative Chemistries at the Park Ave Armory

On Saturday from 9am-3pm, Nick Kozak will be engaging in a series of Art21 panel discussions relating to education, community, and social justice. Find more about this event here: Creative Chemistries

Write up from the event on Hyperallergic


November 13 - Manhattan Hunter Science HS Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday at 10am, we'll be celebrating the school's effort to beautify its space. tours will be given on the site specific installation The Spectrum of Visible Light by Nick Kozak

May 17 - Lecture at Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College

As part of exhibition The Third Idiom at the Hessel Museum of Art, critical pedagogy theorist Ira Shor will conduct a workshop with several teachers from New York State. This event is hosted by curator Lindsey Berfond and organized in partnership with the Bard Masters of Arts in Teaching program, and runs from 1pm-5pm



October 26 - NYU Colloquium Lecture

Intersections: Art and Social Justice in Practice
NYU alum Stephanie Diamond, Lauren Adelman, Nick Kozak, and Tiffany Jones will talk about their work across a spectrum of artistic, non-profit, and educational contexts. Lauren Adelman is the Director/Co-Founder of Artistic Noise, an arts and entrepreneurship program for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. Stephanie Diamond is an artist whose community-based and socially engaged work attempts to provide access to places and people that would otherwise never come together. Nick Kozak is a an artist and Visual Art Teacher at Manhattan Hunter Science High School. Tiffany Jones is an artist and Visual Art Teacher at the Facing History School.
34 Stuyvesant Street
Eisenstein Auditorium/Barney 105

April 3-16 - Itsa Small, Small World at Family Business

Exhibition Opening at 520 West 21st street, New York NY

Family Business


October 22 - Extreme Materials 2 at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY

Public Installation of Ecosystem from September 29 - October 1

Exhibition on view from October 22 - January 15 2012

Memorial Art Gallery


Educator's Eye tour at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Sundays and Saturdays 10am and 1pm

August 19 – 25 Chelsea International at the Agora Gallery in New York City

From August 17 -Sept 7 2010 Agora Gallery

Later Event: October 8
The Columbian Exchange